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Emaniuz Collection (EC) is a gallery of my world paper money, coins, tokens, stamps and postcards collection. All images posted in this gallery are the actual pieces in my collection. Although my collection is not that large yet, the knowledge I acquired about various discipline including history and geography is boundless and immeasurable than before as I continue to explore more on numismatics, philately and deltiology as a hobby, as an art and as a science.

In this portal, you'll find the most important tab in navigation bar which contain several resources which may help me (and you I guess) in my journey to learn and understand the world around banknotes, coins, stamps and postcards.

Community Forum. Simplified online forum where you can post latest news, quick info, current affairs, recent and incoming events or just simply greet others and create shout-out. I find it fitting to have visitor’s section for interaction where everybody can post independently.

Sitemap & Posts Index. An auto-update list of entries in this portal and a guide in navigating the whole weblog. It is sorted by types of collectibles and then by countries. This page is helpful in navigating my personal; together with the gadget in the sidebar, this is an aid in finding some posts in every categories and labels.

Blogroll & Link List. List of useful and popular websites or blog for collection management and online catalog. Some of the page in the list provides services for collectors such a swap arrangement and items display and forums to interact with fellow collectors. Should you wish to be included in the blogroll, you may post your request in the comment section of any post/page with your blog title, description and address (url). I will respond to the request as soon as humanly possible.

The Philippine Landmarks. This is a series of short articles about everything in the Philippines - foods, culture & arts, festivals & celebrations, places, tourist spots & travel destinations and many more.


I would like to give a very special thanks to all the people who continuously share to me their valuable knowledge and great personal perspective to this hobby; many of you have been my inspiration from the very beginning.

To my brothers, Mark & Luther for keeping me in your minds - for sending & buying special items for my collection from the places & countries you both work and visited. Each banknote, coin, stamp & postcard you give/send to me will not make me a master in numismatics, philately or deltiology but it will surely make me fell the comfort of being loved by my siblings.

To my friends here & abroad, from different nationalities, races and religions & from different walk of life – thank you so much for keeping me in your list.

Updated September 2013