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Stamp | Philippines | Deep-Sea Shrimps of the Philippines

Stamps; Deep-Sea Shrimps of the Philippines

Deep-Sea Shrimps of the Philippines for the 3rd quarter tropical stamp issue featuring Banded Deep-sea spiny Shrimp (Artist: Joey Cenina), Deep-Sea Shrimp (Artist: I. Egai), Huxley’s Scissors-foot Shrimp (Artist: R.E. Alcantara, Jr.) and Deep-Sea Armored Shrimp (Artist: Thomas Paul Edison CaƱas).
Crustaceans are one of the coral reef’s most dominant animal groups. However, due to the tiny size and cryptic habits of many species, it is easily to grossly underestimate their impact. The group is incredibly diverse with regards to size,shape, colours and life style.Not only does it include well known representative such as lobster, shrimps and crabs but also an incredible of microscopic forms.

More info at: Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club FB Page


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