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Postcard | Philippines | The First Rizal Monument

The First Rizal Monument in Daet, Camarines Norte

The First Rizal Monument in Daet, Hilagang Kamarines (Camarines Norte), Bicol Region. Postage Prepaid Postcard issued by PhilPost. This postcard includes postage for sending by air mail anywhere without the need to affix postage stamps.

This 20-ft stone pylon was completed in February 1899 through the financial contributions of the townsfolk of Camarines Norte and the Bicol region, with Lt. Colonels Antonio Sanz and Ildefonso Alegre of the Republican Army leading the undertaking.

Designed by Sanz, a Mason, it is composed of a three-tiered stone pylon, its square base surmounted by a two-level triangle, the last one tapering off to a point. The front face contains a black metal slab from the National Historical Commission when it was declared a national historical landmark in 1961.

There is an eight-ray sun on both sides of the topmost triangle, a five-pointed star and the phrase “A José Rizal” (To José Rizal). Unlike other Rizal monuments, it does not have his sculptured image.

Source: Tito Sarte Sarion, Daet hosts first-ever Rizal monument in the Philippines, Inquirer Lifestyle, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Monday, June 27, 2011. Retrieved Sept. 2, 2013.


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