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Postcard | United Arab Emirates | Traditional Clothing

Traditional Clothing

Traditional Clothing (thawb/thobe) in the Arab Country
Eid Al Adha stamp; 2008

POSTCARD: The postcard shows traditional Arab clothing, an ankle-length white shirt woven from wool or cotton with agal and head clothing  in a souq or souk at the Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai), a saltwater creek in United Arab Emirates.

STAMP: A Holy Days & Celebrations (Islamic Holy Days) stamp - issued in 2008 at 3 AED featuring Eid Al Adha.

Thanks to Salah of for all the beautiful stamps and postcards!


James A. Majors said...

I thought the head scarf was called a keffiya?

Emaniuz Collection said...

yeah, i read its keffiya but i am not really sure.

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