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Postcard | PR China | Jingyun Monument

China | Jingyun Monument

China | Jingyun Monument 
2010 Go Chess stamp
POSTCARD: Description on the card - "It was built by Yongzhi, county magistrate of Quren County (now Yunyang) in 173 AD of the Eastern Han Dynasty for commemorating Jingyun, the former country magistrate. In the center of the tablet carved with a gate with turtle and rabbit; on both sides of the tablet are green dragon and white tiger. This Jingyun Monument is a great artistic significance of all steles of Han Dynasty."

The height of the the monument is 230 cm and a total of 367 characters script in 13 lines.

STAMP: 2010 commemorative stamp (Go Chess) of 16th Asian Games Guangzhou series at 3¥.

Thanks to Sugary of China!


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