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Postcard | Italy | View of Florence (Firenze)

Postcard | Italy | View of Florence (Firenze)

Postcard | Italy | View of Florence (Firenze)
2002; C. Bruscaglia
POSTCARD: Florence, the Cradle of the Renaissance and the Athens of the Middle Ages, is the capital city and the most populous city in Tuscany. Known to be the one of the wealthiest cities in the medieval time, Florence was the former capital of the Kingdom of Italy in 1865 until 1871. It was declared in 1982 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

STAMP: 2002 woman definitives stamps featuring C. Bruscaglia at 0.03 EUR. Thanks to Ale of Italy!


James A. Majors said...

I didn't quite put it together that Florence was in Tuscany. I've heard the food there is divine.

Mr. Tripster said...

Lovely isn't it? 13 years have passed but still I'm in love with this little wonder. This is my second home. I've grown so fat now, just to show you that the food is truly divine.

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