Postcard of the Netherlands | Schokland and Surroundings

Schokland and Surroundings

Netherlands | Schokland and Surroundings
Inauguration King Willem-Alexander; Busy Green stamp
NL-2066115 / Travels 10,399 km (6,462 miles) in 20 days from The Netherlands to the Philippines

POSTCARD: The Schokland, a popular archeological site in Noordoostpolder, Province of Flevoland, is a former island reclaimed from the the sea in 1942. Schokland and Surroundings is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Netherlands symbolizing the struggle of the people of Netherlands against the encroachment of the waters.

STAMPS: 2013 commemorative stamp of the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander and the 2011 Busy Green definitive stamp.

Thanks to Mieke of Amsterdam,  Netherlands!


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